Where Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Daisy Stands with Colin & Gary After Love Triangle

• Daisy Kelliher, star of Below Deck, says she has no bad blood with her co-stars and is leaving the tension behind.
• Gary King, a co-star on Below Deck, posted a cryptic message on social media which Daisy is choosing to stay out of.
• Colin MacRae, another co-star on Below Deck, says he is done with love triangles and that his friendship with Daisy has changed.

Here is what happened:

Daisy Kelliher, known for her appearance on the reality show Below Deck Sailing Yacht, has spoken out about her past love triangle with co-stars Colin MacRae and Gary King. During an interview at BravoCon 2023, Daisy shared that she has matured a lot since then and has no ill feelings towards any of them. She stated that they are leaving that chapter behind and she is currently happy living in London. However, her co-star Gary recently posted a cryptic message on social media, sparking speculation about their relationship. In response, Daisy chose to stay out of the situation and focus on herself.

Colin, who was also involved in the love triangle, expressed that he is completely done with love triangles, stating that last season was a lot to handle. He mentioned that their friendship has changed as a result of mixing romance with friendship, creating strain. Colin stated that he needs time to bring their friendship back to where it once was.

During the interview, several other BravoCon stars were mentioned and their latest endeavors were highlighted. The article also provided information about the availability of the streaming service Peacock, which offers access to NBCU’s content.

In conclusion, Daisy Kelliher has moved on from the love triangle drama and is focused on her own happiness. Colin MacRae, on the other hand, has stated that he is done with love triangles and needs time to rebuild his friendship with Daisy. The article also briefly mentioned other BravoCon stars and the availability of the streaming service Peacock.

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