Where Jonathan Bennett Thinks His Mean Girls Character Aaron Samuels Is Today

• Jonathan Bennett thinks his character Aaron is a math teacher and may still be in love with Cady from Mean Girls
• There was an original choice for the character of Aaron Samuels before Jonathan Bennett was cast
• Lindsay Lohan wanted to play Regina and was not originally cast as Cady Heron

Here is what happened:

This text discusses recent revelations made by “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett about his thoughts on where his former character Aaron Samuels ended up, as well as the romantic fate of Aaron and Cady Heron. Additionally, the text touches on Jonathan’s other plans, including his upcoming honeymoon with husband Jaymes and career aspirations. The text also mentions that the Mean Girls musical is hitting theaters in 2024 and gives readers a taste of some hidden secrets from the making of the original film.

The text is presented in a list format, with a series of facts and insider tidbits about the making of “Mean Girls.” These facts include castings, original ratings, cut scenes, performance details, and personal decisions of the cast and crew. The information reveals the process, challenges, and decisions made during the production of the hit movie. The text also shares interesting behind-the-scenes details about the characters, the original story plot, sequels, and the process of adapting it into a musical.

Overall, the text provides an entertaining and informative look into the making of “Mean Girls,” uncovering a number of interesting facts and stories behind the iconic film that are certain to intrigue fans and cinephiles alike.

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