Why Craig Conover Says It’s Very Probable He & Paige DeSorbo Might Break Up

• Southern Charm’s Craig Conover predicts uncertainty in his relationship with Paige DeSorbo
• Long-distance romance between Charleston native and NYC native causing doubts
• Craig expresses concerns about future, including marriage and having children

Here is what happened:

Craig Conover shared some candid thoughts about his relationship with Paige DeSorbo during a recent episode of Summer House. Despite his affection for Paige, Craig expressed some uncertainty about their future, considering the challenges of their long-distance relationship. He acknowledged the possibility of not ending up together due to their geographical separation and individual preferences for living in different cities.

His candid admission surprised his friend Kyle, who was taken aback by Craig’s frankness about the potential for a breakup after dating Paige for over two years. Kyle mentioned that maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging and often leads to failure. He also noted that Paige’s reluctance to relocate to Charleston raised some concerns for Craig. Despite Paige’s assurances of their future together, Craig admitted to having insecurities and impatience, questioning the long-term sustainability of their relationship.

The couple’s uncertainty about their future has been a point of discussion, with Craig expressing a desire for more security and clarity regarding their long-term commitment. As they navigate the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Craig and Paige are evaluating their compatibility and the feasibility of building a future together. The drama between the couple unfolds on Summer House, offering viewers a glimpse into their relationship dynamics and the complexities they face.

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