Why Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller Says She Wasn’t Invited to Reunion

• Abby Lee Miller is not invited back to the Dance Moms reunion special, and she thinks the cast “can’t face” her because they wouldn’t be where they are without the show
• Abby reflects on how the show affected her relationships with former students and discusses the good times and bonds created on the show
• Former cast members such as Maddie Ziegler, Kenzie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, and JoJo Siwa have gone on to pursue successful careers in music, acting, and other fields

Here is what happened:

In a recent podcast episode, Abby Lee Miller shared her thoughts on being excluded from the Dance Moms special reunion, speculating that the reason might be that the kids cannot face her due to the impact she had on their careers. She reflected on how the show damaged her relationships with some of her former students, especially mentioning her bond with Brooke and Paige Hyland, which was severed after a significant disagreement with their mother. Abby questioned why the kids would return to her studio if the show and the moms had supposedly ruined everything for them.

Despite the tumultuous experiences showcased on Dance Moms, Abby acknowledged that there were good times as well, and the cast members genuinely enjoyed their craft. She also expressed her belief that the show ultimately had a negative impact on her career, attributing a downturn in her business to how the show and the moms portrayed her. However, amidst the tears and tension, the young dancers formed bonds that have lasted over the years, with many of them still maintaining close relationships.

The former cast members of Dance Moms have since gone on different paths in their careers and personal lives. From Maddie Ziegler’s ventures into acting and music to JoJo Siwa’s meteoric rise in entertainment and entrepreneurship, each individual has carved out their own unique journey post the show. The text also delves into the current endeavors of other cast members like Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, and Kenzie Ziegler, illustrating how they have evolved and diversified their pursuits since their time on the reality show.

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