Why Elizabeth Hurley Felt Safe Filming Sex Scenes Directed By Her Son

• Elizabeth Hurley’s 21-year-old son Damian directed her in his new erotic thriller Strictly Confidential, making her feel safe and liberated during steamy sex scenes.
• Both Elizabeth and Damian are comfortable working together in show business, with Damian valuing his mother’s opinion on fashion.
• Elizabeth Hurley believes that staying positive and happy is the key to aging well and looking great from the inside out.

Here is what happened:

Elizabeth Hurley recently opened up about working on an erotic thriller directed by her 21-year-old son, Damian Hurley, in an interview with Access Hollywood. She described the experience as “liberating” and explained that having her son direct her in intimate scenes made her feel safe and looked after. Despite the unconventional nature of their collaboration, Hurley felt comfortable filming sex scenes and wearing revealing bikinis with Damian behind the camera.

Damian, who made his feature film debut with the project, expressed that working with his mother on the film felt natural to them, as show business has been a fundamental part of their lives. He emphasized the importance of making the most of every moment on set, stating, “Every single second counts. You can’t sit around mulling scenes, thinking ‘What if?'” The mother-son duo’s close bond was further strengthened through their shared experience of working together on the independent film.

As an actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley values Damian’s opinion, particularly when it comes to fashion choices. Despite her own expertise in the industry, she revealed that Damian never seeks fashion advice from her, but she often relies on his keen eye for selecting the best outfits. In terms of maintaining her youthful appearance, Hurley attributed her positive mindset and happiness as key factors in aging well. She emphasized the impact of positivity on one’s physical appearance, noting that unhappy individuals tend to struggle with maintaining a youthful look. Through their collaboration on the film and their shared fashion sense, Elizabeth and Damian have strengthened their bond and continue to support each other in their respective careers.

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