Why Hilarie Burton’s Kids Refer to Her as a Nobody Compared to Famous Dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan

• Hilarie Burton Morgan’s kids don’t understand her fame and get irritated when people treat her like a celebrity.
• Showing her daughter a video of her interviewing Britney Spears earned her “street cred” and made her cooler in her daughter’s eyes.
• Hilarie wrote her latest book, Grimoire Girl, to give her daughter a sense of self and collect traditions for her to have as her birthright.

Here is what happened:

Hilarie Burton Morgan may have a successful career in the entertainment industry, but her kids still see her as just a regular mom. Her 13-year-old son Gus and 5-year-old daughter George don’t quite understand what their mother does for a living. They find it amusing when people approach them in public, thinking Hilarie is a celebrity. However, as they interact with more fans, they are slowly beginning to grasp the concept of their mom’s previous career.

While Hilarie has appeared in popular shows like One Tree Hill and White Collar, it was her stint as a VJ on TRL that finally earned her some respect from her daughter. George is a huge Britney Spears fan, and when Hilarie showed her a video of herself interviewing Britney from 20 years ago, it instantly made her cool in her daughter’s eyes. Hilarie keeps the video bookmarked on her phone to remind her kids of her past celebrity encounters whenever they need a reminder.

Being a mother to a daughter has been a transformative experience for Hilarie. She wanted to ensure that her daughter had a strong sense of self, considering the changes happening in society regarding women’s rights and gender equality. This led to the inspiration behind her book, “Grimoire Girl,” which shares traditions, ways of thinking, and made-up holidays that she wants her daughter to embrace as her birthright.

When it comes to her son Gus, Hilarie has a different approach. She invests her energy into his school and actively participates in the parent-teacher-student organization. She believes that children need to know that they are the heroes of their own stories and sees her involvement as a way to support her son.

Hilarie’s sense of humor also plays a role in her parenting. When Gus was scared of a monster in his closet during preschool, Hilarie told him she was a 108-year-old witch. He shared this story with everyone, and now, even in middle school, his classmates accept it without question. Hilarie embraces her role as the whimsical and playful mom, and it seems to bring joy to her children’s lives.

Overall, Hilarie Burton Morgan may not be a “cool mom” in the eyes of her kids, but she is certainly a captivating and magical presence in their lives. Whether it’s through sharing her past celebrity encounters or creating a sense of self for her daughter, Hilarie’s unique approach to parenthood leaves a lasting impression on her children.

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