Why John Mayer Absolutely Wants to Be Married

• John Mayer expresses his desire to get married in the future in a podcast interview with his late friend’s wife
• Mayer discusses his past relationships and experiences with high profile exes like Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry
• The musician desires to settle down and be married and has been candid about that desire in various interviews with other celebrities including Adele and Andy Cohen

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview, musician John Mayer expressed his desire to get married, despite once labelling himself as “America’s ex-boyfriend.” The Grammy winner, who has dated Katy Perry and several other celebrities in the past, made these comments on an episode of Comfort Food, the podcast of his late longtime friend Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo. Mayer opened up about his wish to tie the knot, saying, “I absolutely want to be married.”

Mayer joked that he wants to get married so that his future wife can rely on him, saying, “I so badly want to get married if only for my wife to just know in her heart, like, ‘John will know what to do.'” He added, “I just think that level of being relied on is the hottest thing in the world to me. ‘If my husband was here, he would know what to do. Call John. Call my husband.'”

In previous interviews, Mayer has also discussed his desire to marry, denying that he was afraid of commitment and joking about his reputation as “America’s ex-boyfriend.” He has also expressed his intention to get married to close friends, such as his well-documented interest in settling down with singer Adele.

Throughout his dating history, Mayer has been linked to various high-profile women, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Halsey, among others. Mayer’s relationships have often made headlines and sparked public interest due to his high-profile partners.

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