Why Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford is the MVP of Football Girl Dads

• NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford will play in Detroit where he led the Lions for 12 seasons
• His wife and four daughters will be cheering for him in the stands
• Pictures on social media show him as a valuable and supportive dad

Here is what happened:

In the upcoming game on Jan. 14, NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford will make a return to the field in Detroit, a city where he led the Lions for 12 seasons before being traded to the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. Despite Detroit fans still being supportive enough to sport Detroit Rams shirts leading up to his 2022 Super Bowl win, Stafford does not anticipate a warm reception. “I’m not expecting anything, to be honest with you,” he told reporters. “I was asked this question a couple of times, just by friends and family. And, I think the biggest thing for me is just go experience whatever that experience is going to be. I understand what the people of Detroit and what the city of Detroit meant to me in my time there, and my career, what they meant to my family. I hope they feel that back.”

Fans have even proposed a ban on Stafford Lions jerseys at the game, demonstrating an apparent mixed sentiment toward Stafford’s return to Detroit. However, one thing that will certainly ease the tension for Stafford is the knowledge that wife Kelly and their four daughters will be in the stands to support him at his return to Detroit.

Kelly took to Instagram to share her daughters’ excitement about returning to the snow in a post on Jan. 9, indicating that the family is eagerly anticipating the visit to Detroit. As for Matthew’s capabilities as a father, Kelly mentioned that he sets an incredible example as a partner and father, stating, “I am so grateful that I ended up with Matthew because he sets such an incredible example as to the partner they should want to be with.”

“This is the best part of my life,” Matthew stated earlier, expressing his gratitude for his family and the support they give him both on and off the field. This gives us an idea of how Matthew’s family plays a crucial role in his life and career as a quarterback.

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