Why Luke Bryan Isn’t Shocked About Katy Perry’s Departure From American Idol

• Luke Bryan wasn’t shocked by Katy Perry’s departure from American Idol after 7 years on the show
• Luke has developed a great friendship with Katy during their time working together on Idol
• Luke Bryan has defended Katy Perry against criticism and always has her back

Here is what happened:

Country star Luke Bryan recently shared his thoughts on Katy Perry’s departure from “American Idol,” after the singer announced her decision to leave the show. Despite not wanting Katy to go, Luke revealed that he had heard whispers about her potential departure beforehand and it wasn’t a huge shock to him. He spoke about the great friendship they had developed during their time together on the show and mentioned that it had been fun getting to know Katy.

Having worked alongside Katy and Lionel Richie on “American Idol” since its reboot in 2018, Luke reflected on the time that has passed, noting that it was hard to believe he had been working with Katy long enough for her to become a mom. Although they won’t be working together on the show anymore, Luke expressed that he would always be there if she needed him for anything.

Luke also defended Katy against critics, acknowledging the challenges she has faced throughout her career. He emphasized the importance of fans being understanding and supportive, especially when it comes to artists like Katy who are constantly under public scrutiny. Additionally, Luke shared that he and Katy had watched many talented contestants on the show over the years, hinting at their shared experiences on “American Idol.”

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