Why Taylor Swift’s Lilac Short Skirt Is Going Viral After Tortured Poets Department Reference

• Taylor Swift surprised fans by revealing the real meaning behind ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ songs
• Swift wore a skort made by a fan in a YouTube Shorts video and during Eras Tour rehearsals
• The skort sold out in 15 minutes after Swift was spotted wearing it, and more than 6,000 requests have been received for pre-orders.

Here is what happened:

Taylor Swift recently caused a frenzy among her fans by wearing a lilac short skirt in a YouTube Shorts video and a behind-the-scenes look at her Eras Tour rehearsals. This skirt was not only a nod to her song “imgonnagetyouback” from “The Tortured Poets Department,” but it was also designed by a fan with Taylor in mind. The founder of Popflex, Cassey Ho, expressed her excitement at Taylor wearing one of her designs, thanking the singer for supporting an independent designer and admiring Taylor’s grace and creativity.

The garment, called the Pirouette Skort (Cassey’s Version), quickly sold out within 15 minutes of Taylor being spotted wearing it. Pre-orders for all eight color variations of the skort are now being accepted after receiving over 6,000 requests since the initial sale. Taylor paired the skort with a matching top from the same brand, creating a must-have ensemble for Swifties and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Throughout the songs from “The Tortured Poets Department,” there are various references and Easter eggs that offer insight into Taylor’s personal life and relationships. Fans have dissected the lyrics to uncover potential connections to Taylor’s romance with Matty Healy, her breakup with Joe Alwyn, and her new relationship with Travis Kelce. As Taylor sings about love, heartbreak, and personal growth in her songs, listeners are left to decipher the messages behind the music and speculate on the true inspirations behind each track.

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