Zayn Malik’s Foot Gets Run Over by Car During Rare Public Appearance

• Zayn Malik attended the Kenzo show during Paris Fashion Week on Jan. 19 and had a mishap where his foot was run over by a car
• Despite the incident, Zayn did not suffer significant injuries and shared a picture of his scuffed shoes on Instagram
• Zayn has a daughter named Khai and is co-parenting with ex-partner Gigi Hadid, prioritizing being a good example for his child

Here is what happened:

Zayn Malik made a rare public appearance at the Kenzo show during Paris Fashion Week and experienced a bit of a mishap on the way out. Footage circulating on social media showed a car appearing to run over Zayn’s foot after the event. However, Zayn later confirmed on Instagram that he hadn’t suffered any significant injuries, stating, “My foot is fine!! Thanks to my incredibly well-made shoes.”

The singer’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week marked his first major public event in six years. Zayn was last seen in public in 2018 at Tom Ford’s New York Fashion Week show. He and Gigi Hadid welcomed their daughter, Khai, two years later, further enriching their lives.

Zayn shared that since becoming a father, he has aimed to set a good example for his daughter. Although he and Gigi have since broken up, they maintain a “really good” co-parenting relationship, splitting custody 50-50. Zayn also expressed his desire to be actively involved in raising his daughter, stating, “I’m super full on, hands on with my child every chance I can be.”

The text also included a section with multiple Instagram images labeled “Snuggle Season,” “Let’s Play,” “Nailed It,” “Let Her Eat Cake,” “Making Memories,” “A Reason to Smile,” “Feeling Blue,” “Anchors Up,” “Summer Days,” “Khai’s First Birthday,” “Days With Dad,” “Gigi’s Mini-Me,” “Matchin’ With Mom,” “Horse Girlie,” “Cozy Time,” “Aunt Bella,” “Farm Life With Grandma Yolanda,” “Bottles Up,” “Pool Day,” “Lil Easter Bunny,” “Denim Dreams,” and “Christmas Attire.”

This thorough public account provided fans a glimpse into Zayn’s life, showcasing his commitment to fatherhood and his relationship with Gigi.

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