Zoey 101’s Matthew Underwood Reveals Being Sexually Harassed & Assaulted by Former Agent

• Matthew Underwood, known for his role in Zoey 101, revealed he quit acting due to sexual assault and harassment, sharing his experiences of abuse from a young age to his time in Hollywood
• Underwood spoke out about his experiences, moved away from LA, and ended his acting career after being betrayed and harassed by individuals in the industry
• Others, such as Drake Bell and writers from The Amanda Show, have also shared their experiences of abuse, misconduct, and toxic behavior within the entertainment industry, sparking conversations about the treatment of young talent in Hollywood

Here is what happened:

Matthew Underwood shared his experience with sexual abuse in Hollywood, revealing incidents that occurred when he was 12 and 19 years old. The former Nickelodeon star detailed being groomed and molested by his best friend’s stepfather at a young age, and later being sexually harassed and assaulted by his agent at the age of 19. These experiences led to his decision to step away from acting and eventually return to reprise his role in the Nickelodeon sequel film “Zoey 102”.

Underwood’s revelations came in response to the “Quiet on Set” docuseries, which shed light on allegations of inappropriate behavior on the sets of famous Nickelodeon shows. The series also covered similar experiences of abuse from other former child stars and actors in the industry. Underwood’s candidness sparked discussions about the prevalence of such incidents behind the scenes of kids TV shows.

In light of the allegations and revelations, there has been a shift in the industry to address past misconduct and create safer work environments. Nickelodeon responded by stating their commitment to investigating formal complaints and ensuring a professional workplace free of harassment. The stories shared in the “Quiet on Set” docuseries have brought attention to the need for accountability and change in the entertainment industry to protect young talent and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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